Customizable Fraud Management

We provide a robust yet flexible fraud solution, designed to react to known and emergent fraud patterns around the world. Our e-commerce fraud services can be integrated with your existing solution, or you can outsource all of your fraud, liability, and management to Defy.

  • Up-to-date global fraud data sets, 24/7
  • Worldwide fraud prevention relationships
  • Unmatched expertise in local consumer behaviour

Self-directed services

We provide basic fraud protection for your MID, and daily monitoring by our team of experts. You assume fraud liability for your business.

Guided services

We’ll manage your complete fraud process, and can provide expert recommendations. You handle chargebacks, and assume fraud liability.

Fully managed services

We handle your complete fraud process, and Defy assumes all of the risk and fraud-related liability for your business.

Advanced Mitigation

Defy’s fraud system uses both score-based and algorithm-based methods. Paired with our industry-leading fraud prevention experience, this solution is effective, efficient, and reliable. All you have to do is decide which service level best fits your business.

  • Fraud thresholds determined by ‘flag’ count
  • Historical fraud and chargeback data insights
  • Powerful 360-degree fraud prevention