Fraud Management

Any online business is at high risk of fraud. Certain products face an even bigger threat, and international transactions can create post-authorization security gaps that fraudsters capitalize upon. Our job is to mitigate fraud before it happens, and keep your business safe. Our industry-leading global fraud prevention team offers three levels of management:

  • Self-directed services
  • Guided services
  • Fully managed services

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Data Security

Security is our top priority. Protect your company and your customers from data security breaches, so everyone can relax and enjoy doing online business. We’re PCI Data Security Standard 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. Our intelligent global transaction routing means a higher success rate for your business.

  • Up-to-date, critical security standards
  • Fully licensed for safe, secure global transactions
  • Partnered with numerous tier one banks

Fully Integrated Payments

Our pre-built plugins provide fast and easy integration with your ecommerce platform, including Shopfiy, Magento, WooCommerce, and Salesforce.

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Hosted Payment Page

No ecommerce site? Use Defy’s stand-alone payments page as an affordable solution to send invoices, host transactions, and make sales – anywhere in the world.

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Customizable Solutions

Need something different tailored to your ecommerce site, or a custom hosted payments solution? We’re happy to work with you to build exactly what you need

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All-In-One Admin

Online transactions come with a hefty amount of administrative work. Defy’s powerful administrative dashboard reduces time and resources needed for payment management. View and support every stage of each customer’s lifecycle, manage ledgers, and view end-to-end cash flow, all in one place. Plus, our built-in predictive analytics will help guide your business decisions.

  • Track order fulfilment and shipping
  • Manage returns and refunds
  • Get reliable transaction verification

Live Locally, Sell Globally

Are you ready to expand your business into exciting emerging markets? With our pre-built local payment methods, you can start selling right away to customers in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. Local pricing, local payment processing, increased card approval rates, and less transaction barriers mean a much higher conversion rate.

  • Lock in foreign exchange rates
  • Manage local taxes, reduce added fees
  • No extra legal, financial, or market expertise required